Here is realistic descriptive writing, scrawled by a medical doctor, next to an angel guest Paul, the retainer of God, at the rank of a Mediterranean current of air. Read it and cheque it out but clear that in attendance is by a long way more present than lately best caption.

This is a artificial experience in the New Testament which it would be sticky to augment upon.

In Acts Chapter 27, we read of a importantly glamourous sea story, wherever Paul is existence transferred from Caesarea to Rome. The communicatory is a masterpiece of correctness. They sailed exact into trouble, because they remunerated no paying attention to the man of God. They forsaken the suggestion of the worker of Jesus Christ. They would not perceive nor get what was human being same done the Apostle Paul - a man beside a lot of undertake - a man who knew how to listen in to God and administrative district next to God.

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I have interpreted occurrence to ask and answer that eventful examine - "Is the Bible true?" - and this is one pathway wherever we can ask a mixture of questions of the text, and breakthrough the biblical sketch very reliable, and able to stand up to all the different questions.

To prove any arts case scientifically you entail - 1. A trustworthy story - and

2. You obligation to be secure that the personality who wrote the transcript is true and open. We have some here. We can examine the facts - the earth science - the routes - the islands - the ports mentioned - do all these exist? Did ships journey same this at this time? Check the marine facts - could these ships enclose 276 people? Was at hand dodgy weather in early October, when this trek took place?

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The particle sailing ship begins to piece of cloth westbound. The stowage has to be carried as at the double as impending for the benefit of net. The attentiveness is Grain and Profit.

A downy loop began to blow, and they grabbed their fate. They seized the slightest indulgent zephyr. Soon nearby is a hurricane, and they are blown along, at one and a partially miles an unit of time for 14 days, and if you donkey work that out they would come in the swathe of Malta. This is pictorial explicatory authorship - but it is more than that.

The vessel was on the spear of give up, and they did what folks did at that case - tie the vessel equally near wires. Send a man underneath near one rope and fasten it unneurotic to obviate the timbers from springing ajar. There is fear onboard this dinghy. But time they are running in a circle in a concourse of hectic activity, something else was occurring aboard that liner. Paul had been communing next to God - piece the gust was at its largeness - its most unsuitable - its fiercest. Verses 21 to 23. Is there not a pedagogy here?

Paul had been praying and fasting, and the effect of that incident of manduction are revealed. You should have understood my warning and listened to me. You shouldn't have sailed from Crete. You could have avoided all this loss and deface and fear, and now I impulse you not to lose your bravery. No-one will be wasted but the watercraft will be broken.

Last darkness an angel of God visited me - I be to God - I ladle God - I am His wealth - He is my Master and I activity Him and He sent an supernatural being to pastor to me.

The angel said, "Don't be terrified Paul - Paul, you'll get to Rome. You have to seem back Caesar. You will be kept safe, and all who sheet near you will be kept nontoxic."

So save your valour. I sense in God. It will come to pass honorable as the spiritual being radius to me, but, we must run aground on quite a lot of islet. Many are risk-free because a Christian is existing.

Paul is one of those who are the saltish of the earth, and the saltish is protective being in this state of affairs. The sailors knew they were nearing stop. The h2o was decent shallower. They threw out four anchors, and wished it were morning.

Then, Paul witnessed scenes of terror. The sailors let fuzz the lifeboat, and were preparing to retreat underneath numerous pretence of deceit. Where in that is jeopardy immoral men go misleading. The desire to endure at the cost of others dominates. Men will do thing to prolong their lives in this worldwide.

Paul speaks to the Centurion and to the soldiers. If these sailors don't delay leaving onboard this ship, you cannot be saved.

What a instruction this is for The Christian Church - when both ethnic group run away - the integral in-group can be at venture - individuals and the agency. Here again, we see the man of God who is so concerned about others. "Get a miniature silage into you. You will call for thing to eat for drive - you've had relative quantity for 14 years." Paul took any food, and gave thanks, and they all had thing to eat. It is as if Paul has had a contravene done. All will be saved.

There were 276 general public onboard that dinghy and now they get rid of everything they did not condition. The sailors fixed musing they could stockpile the craft. God said they couldn't. Who was going to be right?

They cut off the anchors - untied two management oars - raised a canvass - all in one later shot to get the beach. But, two robust currents moving both caused a sandbank to develop at this point, and the craft ran shipwrecked and was unmovable, and the tough side stop it up from the back.

The soldiers conceived to exterminate all the prisoners, so that no of them could aquatics onto land and evade. But, the Centurion, lacking to hang on to Paul safe, put a hold back to that work out. They all range the seashore undamagingly.

When God speaks - what He predicts - comes true! Paul has to be sun-dried - kept secure - delivered to Rome in one fragment. No trauma must move to Paul, and Jesus will use multiple populace to protect His loved allotted worker.

If God has titled you, He will not go amiss you. He will ne'er let you hair. There ARE belongings which it is unrealizable for God to do - come to nothing you - frustrate you - let you fluff. That surprises many ancestors. But it is a wonderful astound. God is truehearted.

Remember that where you are and doesn't matter what you may be surviving and experiencing at this example.

Sandy Shaw

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